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he Dark Gate, also known as Karanlik Kapusi, is located on the Sava side of the Lower Town, extending from Sava Gate.


It is known as Karanlik Kapusi or Dark Gate, and it has been referred to by various names, such as Sava Gate, Šabac Gate, and Bosnian Gate. Erected between 1740 and 1760 during the period of Turkish renewal, it is an extension of the Sava Gate. Similar to the Sava Gate, it was constructed as a passage through the bastion. On both sides, there are chambers for accommodating the fortress guard.

Following the city's surrender to Prince Mihailo in 1867, the gate was guarded by the Serbian and later Yugoslav army. During World War I, it was under the control of the Austro-Hungarian forces. Inscriptions have been discovered engraved on the stone blocks in the lower zone, initially in Turkish-Arabic, then in Latin and Cyrillic scripts. Additionally, there are engraved symbols, including crosses, menorahs, and Janissary insignias."

Mračna kapija