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The House of Flowers is located within the Museum of Yugoslavia at Mihaila Mika Jankovića Street 6, in the municipality of Dedinje. In the vicinity of this object is the villa "Mir", Hyde Park and the JNA Stadium.


he House of Flowers was built in 1975 according to the project of Stjepan Kralja, as a winter garden for the needs of the then president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. At that time it was called "Cvećara". It was located relatively close to Tito's residence at Užička 15, so he spent a lot of time there during his stay in Belgrade.

According to his wishes, Tito was buried in the House of Flowers on May 8, 1980, just 4 days after his death. At that time, it was considered inappropriate to rename Tito's final resting place as a grave or mausoleum, so the name House of Flowers was born, which is still used today. From his funeral until May 4, 1992 (dissolution of the SFRY), the honor guard of the JNA guards guarded Tito's grave.

Sahrana Josipa Broza Tita

Shortly after Tito's funeral, the House of Flowers became a place of visits for millions of Yugoslavs, who came independently or organized to pay their respects to the former president. Already in 1982, the "Josip Broz Tito" Memorial Center was founded, which, in addition to the House of Flowers, included the Museum "25. maj", Residence (villa at Užička 15), Billiards, Hunting House, Old Museum and Memorial Collection (villa "Mir"), as well as the nearby Museum "4. July".

In 1996, it was decided to join the House of Flowers to the Museum of the History of Yugoslavia.

In 1997, after the election, the then president of the FRY, Slobodan Milošević, chose as his residence Titova's house at Užička 15, which was near the House of Flowers. Then a wall was built that separated the residence at Užička 15, the villa "Mir", the Billiards and the Hunting House from the Old Museum, the House of Flowers and the 25th of May Museum.




he House of Flowers consists of a central part where there was a fountain, which was removed to make way for Tito's tomb, and rooms for work and rest that were located around the central part. On the opposite side of the entrance, there is a terrace with a view of Belgrade. The outside is lined with yellow facade brick, and the inside with marble from the Arandjelovac area.

Maršalska uniforma Josipa Broza Tita

The permanent exhibition in the house of flowers today consists of a memorial room where visitors can write in the book of mourning and an exhibition area where there are local, republican and federal batons that the youth of Yugoslavia carried on the occasion of Youth Day, which was celebrated on Tito's birthday 25 May.

Kolekcija štafeta mladosti

Written by Sofija Jovanović