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Gravedigger Trash Romanticism and the JNA group

n Belgrade, black and white murals stand out, most often painted on residential buildings in the center of the city, starting from the "upper" Dorćol area and spreading to other Belgrade municipalities and neighbourhoods, mainly in the city districts: Vračar, Stari Grad, and Savski Venac. These murals bear the characteristics of the supporters' group "Partizan," specifically the group called Partizan Grobari Trash Romanticism (GTR), in collaboration with the punk band "Grupa JNA," which is also oriented towards supporting the sports club Partizan. The murals depict public figures from Serbia and around the world who are somehow connected to the aforementioned sports club.

These portraits were initiated by the groups in 2015 and feature black and white murals of public figures, often dressed in Partizan jerseys, accompanied by a specific quote from the depicted person that promotes their urban culture, a kind of banal poetry of the club, as well as the club itself.

Mural posvećen košarkašu Milenku Savoviću

Next to the portrait of poet Brana Petrović is the quote "In Partizan's play, there has always been something poetic..." On the mural depicting actor Mija Aleksić, it says "More and more youth are cheering for Partizan." Next to the portrait of actress Tanja Bošković, it reads, "Let's play the most beautiful game." Adjacent to the portrait of actor Bogdan Diklić, it says, "Besides acting, my two great passions are drums and KK Partizan," etc. The portraits are created based on photographs, and it is evident that the authors applied a hyperrealistic style, although there are noticeable stylistic differences and inconsistencies among the portraits.

Mural posvećen glumcu Zoranu Radmiloviću u Kapetan Mišinoj

Even though they are executed in black and white, in monochromatic contrast reminiscent of a memorial portrait, some of the individuals depicted on the murals are not deceased but are still active in public life. Zoran Kostić Cane (Partibrejkers rock band), Srđan Gojković Gile (Električni orgazam rock band), singer Nada Knežević, and actors Tanja Bošković, Bogdan Diklić, and Srđan Žika Todorović are featured on such murals. The aim of these portraits is to promote the values that the painted personalities represent and are associated with Partizan.

Mural posvećen fudbaleru Partizana Draganu Manceu

The authors of GTR and the JNA group, in an attempt to distance themselves from the standard stereotype of Serbian football fans as hooligans or nationalists, create an image of supporters who respect urban values. Striving to promote such values, the creators of these murals go a step further by including murals of Joe Strummer (frontman of the English band "The Clash"), musician Edi Grant, writer George Orwell, thereby highlighting global, universal values shared by Partizan fans. Despite the fact that some of the presented personalities have never publicly expressed support for Partizan nor identified themselves as Partizan fans, the authors present them as cultural role models that, in their opinion, fans should follow.

Mural posvećen muzičaru Ediju Grantu, Ulica Braće Jugovića

Iako nije česta pojava, 2018. godine odrđeni broj ovih grafita je vandalizovan, tako što je prekrečen crnom farbom. Nakon negativnog odjeka koji je imala ova akcija među navijačima, ali i među širom publikom, oni su obnovljeni.

Text and photographs by Hana Šuica